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Enjoying The Performing Arts

When I was at a business retreat a few years ago, our boss broke some news to me and my coworkers. He explained that we were going to participate in a few acting classes and then put on a play, so that we could learn to work together and overcome our fear of public speaking. Although I was nervous, I gave it my best shot. That experience really taught me to enjoy the performing arts, and how to use the arts to reshape my life. My blog is dedicated to helping others to understand and appreciate the arts, so that you can gain a new take on your own life.

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Tips To Prepare Your Child for Their First Dance Lesson

Dance class can provide children with happy memories for life. It is a great way of getting even small kids interested in movement, and they'll be enjoying exercise without even knowing it! It's also a great way to get children out from behind their screens. Preparing your child for their first dance class will empower them to develop a lifelong love of dancing.

Get on the Dance Floor

Try dancing at home. Simply turn on some music and clear away some furniture until you have your own little dance floor. Encourage your child to freestyle and dance to their heart's content. While you are dancing, you can discuss how a dance teacher can instruct your child about movement and dance to help them soar to greater heights as a dancer. Being comfortable dancing at home will increase a child's confidence in their first dance class.

Try on the Clothes

Before your child goes to their first dance lesson, have them try on the leotard and ballet slippers. Talk about how each part of the attire can help them be a more powerful dancer. You may opt to explain how ballet slippers help to support the dancer's steps, twists, and turns from the oval-shaped platform at the tip of the toes to the stiff mid-sole. Teaching a child the specifics about their dance wear can help satisfy curiosity and get them even more excited to wear their leotard on the dance floor.

Go to the Ballet

If you have the luxury of being near a professional ballet company, take your child to see a ballet in person. They will likely be inspired to want to perform like those graceful dancers. If you are unable to take your child to see a ballet in person, show them some online videos or rent a DVD of a ballet. When watching the ballet, be sure to remark on what you appreciate about it and ask your child what they like. If your child doesn't find ballet interesting, show them some other dance styles and find out which they like the most.

Finally, keep in mind that many kids take dance and discover a passion for it that stays with them forever, while others try it for a few years before moving on to other hobbies. No matter what your child chooses, properly preparing them for the dance class will empower them to get the most out of class.