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Enjoying The Performing Arts

When I was at a business retreat a few years ago, our boss broke some news to me and my coworkers. He explained that we were going to participate in a few acting classes and then put on a play, so that we could learn to work together and overcome our fear of public speaking. Although I was nervous, I gave it my best shot. That experience really taught me to enjoy the performing arts, and how to use the arts to reshape my life. My blog is dedicated to helping others to understand and appreciate the arts, so that you can gain a new take on your own life.

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How Working Out Could Help Your Baby

While many people believe a baby's life is only full of eating and sleeping, it is important for babies to move around in order to gain strength. Babies are notorious for squirming around, whether it is in their crib or rolling around on the floor. For your baby to reach certain milestones, it is crucial that he or she continues to work his or her muscles. Unfortunately, just like adults, your baby can get tired of the same old movements. In order to break up the monotony, you want to provide your baby with different movements that will enhance their daily exercise. This is not only beneficial so your son or daughter can hit milestones, but it also provides you and your baby some quality bonding time. Here are some activities you could incorporate into your baby's schedule. 


Yoga is not something one would typically think of babies doing, but it can prove to be extremely effective in helping babies gain more flexibility. Being able to hold a stretch can help the muscles gain strength. As your baby gets near the stage of rolling over, you can use yoga to help facilitate this milestone. If you place a toy just out of reach for the baby, he or she will reach for it, which resembles a typical yoga stretch. As the baby reaches, you can then move the toy closer toward him or her until the baby is able to grab it. This will help your baby stretch and hopefully roll over when he or she is ready. 


It is not uncommon to see a mom swaying with her baby. What many moms do not realize is that dancing with their babies has numerous benefits. One of the many benefits your baby can gain from dancing include the development of body and space awareness. Dancing helps stimulates the baby's nerve endings which help send a message to the brain. The brain can use these messages to develop more awareness. Dancing can also help your baby with coordination and memory training. Get in touch with a studio like Jazz Unlimited Studio of Arts for mother-child dance opportunities.

Strength Training

You don't have to give your baby weights for him or her to develop more strength. Strength training is important for your baby so he or she is able to hold his or her own weight when sitting up and walking. As your baby gets closer to wanting to do these things, you can help them achieve these milestones by using strength training techniques that are appropriate for your baby's age. This can be done by filling up a bin with toys of different sizes and weights. As your baby rummages through them, they are developing muscles they will be able to use later.